First Utility Contact Number

If you are wondering if the claims of First Utility are true or if you would like them to present you with more details, then contact their general information phone line on 01926 320 700.

Almost every moment of your life, you will be using electricity in some form. It’s a utility that allows us to make use of appliances, machines and computers that make our lives easier. The Big 6 are taking advantage of this reliance on electricity; that’s why they are overcharging the majority of the UK public. If you no longer want to be overcharged, it may be a good idea to look into what First Utility is offering.

First Utility Phone Numbers

First Utility claims that they are able to provide electricity cheaper than the Big 6. They say that because of the fixed rate tariffs of the Big 6 electric suppliers, most UK residents are paying more for what they actually use. To get more information about this claim, contact First Utility by dialling 01926 320 700.

First Utility Live Chat

First Utility’s customer service and enquiries team can also be reached via chat. Just activate the chatbox found at to start the live chat.

First Utility Email

Email is also a very convenient means of communicating with First Utility. They made it extra easy by incorporating a web-contact form into their website. The contact form can be found at: us/service/how-we- handle-complaints

You can use this form to initiate correspondence about anything related to First Utility. You can send in your queries, comments or even complaints.

First Utility Social Media

If you’re using social media to communicate, then you would be happy to hear that First Utility is active on social media through their three accounts.

They have an account on Twitter which you can reach just by tweeting @FirstUtility.

They have an account on Facebook at

They also have a Youtube channel with a collection of their adverts and other videos that present just how much better they are than the Big 6. The channel is located at