Groupon Contact Number

Customers who have questions for Groupon UK, can contact their enquiries phone line on 020 3510 0444. This number also serves as the support line if there are issues that need direct intervention from Groupon, like say when a perfectly good voucher is not honoured.

Discounts are always a good way of bringing in customers. All businesses know this and with Groupon, businesses are able to extend their reach and increase the effect of engaging in such promotional tactics. Groupon is also very much in the radars of the end consumer of the products and services of the companies, that’s why businesses keep posting more vouchers.

Groupon Contact Number

If you’re in need of some assistance from Groupon regarding the discount coupons you got from their website, then don’;t hesitate to dial 020 3510 0444. This is their customer care line and they will be happy to help you out. This is also the line you need to call if you wish to get more information about how Groupon works.

Email Groupon

It isn’t only through a phone call that you can reach the Groupon support staff. They also have an email address that you can email. Just send your comments, complaints and enquiries to

The Groupon support staff can also be reached with the use of the contact form that’s found at:

Groupon on Social Media

The use of social media is very common place nowadays – and it is certainly for the good of business. Thanks to social media, customers are now able to easily contact businesses whenever there are enquiries that need to be answered or if there are problems that require solutions.

If you are experiencing problems with Groupon, then you can send them a tweet @Groupon_UK to ask for support.

You can also do the same thing with the use of the Facebook messenger. Just visit their page at: