On the Beach Contact Number

To contact the On the Beach travel customer service team, phone them on +44 371 474 3000 (£0.13/minute + network access charge when calling from the United Kingdom).

The On the Beach online travel agency books tickets, hotels as well as other holiday packages that include resorts and their inclusive activities. They are popular with their customers but there are many negative online reviews that sort of make them slightly infamous. These negative reviews state that their prices are not what they advertise them to be. Some even implore their fellow holiday goers to not use the On the Beach service so as to avoid the experience that they went through.

Customer Service Contact Number for On the Beach

If you happen to be a customer of On the Beach and you are currently living your own negative experience with their service, then dial +44 371 474 3000 to reach their customer support team. Their customer support allegedly leaves a lot to be desired.

Social Media Contact Information for On the Beach

If you’re not fond of getting the runaround on the phone, then you can avoid the experience altogether by using social media. One added benefit of corresponding through social media is that you get a full transcript of the conversation if you require it later for small claims court and other legal purposes.

Tweet your enquiries @OntheBeachUK if you don’t have a problem communicating in short tweets. If you prefer to write a longer explanation, then send your enquiries via Facebook message at: https://www.facebook.com/onthebeachholidays