Student Finance Contact Number

If you wish to ask the UK government for help with your spending on getting a college degree, then you should contact the enquiries phone lines of the England Student Finance office on 0300 100 0607, the Wales office on 0300 200 4050, the Scotland office on 0300 555 0505 and the Northern Ireland office on 0300 100 0077.

If you have already reached a decision to pursue your university degree, then chances are, you have already calculated your future expenses towards obtaining your goal of becoming a university degree holder. Most have trouble meeting all the expenses for one’s schooling, that’s why the the UK government has set up the Student Finance assistance for eligible students.

Telephone Contact Numbers for UK Student Finance

If you’re goal is graduating, then you should grab every opportunity that passes that allows you to step an inch closer to the realisation of your dreams. One of the best ways is to call the UK government through your local offices.

Student Finance Enquiries through Twitter

Twitter is also a very reliable method for enquiring about the Student Finance support offered by the UK government to students.

Tweet @SF_England for information if you’re in England, @SF_Wales if you’re in Wales and @saastweet for information about Scotland financial support.